LELA Care Journal Pages (2-page spread) by Roshaunda Cade

LELA Care Journal Pages (2-page spread)

Start a journaling habit and transform your life - all in 10 minutes per day. You have 2 ways to get started.
  1. You can download and print the journal pages.
  2. You can download and type directly on the fillable PDF.

These journal pages ask insightful questions about your day. Each quadrant helps you focus on a different aspect of your day. You have 8 quadrants (the full 2-page spread) to consider for each day.

Taking time to answer each question helps you reflect on your day, decompress from the day, and prepare for the next day.

Don't forget to write down your mood when you begin journaling and your mood when you've finished journaling. (You'll find space for that near the top - under the inspirational messages.) Doing so will give you immediate insight into how journaling can transform your well-being.

Make as many copies as you like (print or on your computer) to create your own personalized journal. Mix and match these journal pages with other LELA House journal pages. (Coming soon!)

Plus, feel free to add your own doodles and decorations. 

Let your creativity soar and give journaling a try today!

What's included?

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Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds, but your satisfaction is important to me. If something isn't right, please let me know. We will work together toward a solution.

I’m Roshaunda D. Cade, Ph.D. – a life writing coach for women ready to write their life stories!

Writers need coaches who can help them navigate their lives, habits, and limited beliefs as much as they need help with the technical aspects of writing. So I provide wrap-around support to my clients through life writing coaching. I hold a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in English. I’m a certified life coach and a writing coach. I love helping people discover and tell their stories, and I believe God created every individual with a unique design to transform the world.