I’m Roshaunda D. Cade, Ph.D. – a life writing coach for women ready to write their life stories!

Writers need coaches who can help them navigate their lives, habits, and limited beliefs as much as they need help with the technical aspects of writing. So I provide wrap-around support to my clients through life writing coaching. I hold a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in English. I’m a certified life coach and a writing coach. I love helping people discover and tell their stories, and I believe God created every individual with a unique design to transform the world.

About LELA House

LELA stands for Life, Education, Literacy, Arts, and LELA House is where women write about our lives, education, literacy, and art. 

The goal of LELA House is to help you become who God created you to be, by working through the LELA House themes: Learn Your Unique Design, Become Critically Engaged, and Transform Community. To learn your unique design is to realize who you are in God. To become critically engaged is to dive into your creativity and passions while working on your habits, routines, and rituals. To transform community is to discover and do the transformative writing God has called you to do.

Whether your call to life writing is to finally write your book, finish your dissertation, or start your blog, LELA House is here to support you through my unique style of life writing coaching.


Upon my first coaching session with Dr. Roshaunda Cade, my confidence and my attitude were positively altered, and God gave me peace during my coaching sessions with her. She has a way of inspiring, highlighting and thought-provokingly guiding you to recognize your writing strengths and weaknesses simultaneously.
RaShawn Johnson - Reading Specialist
Roshaunda was a ray of light in the writing center. She treated everyone as if they were the most important person on the team and considered problems as opportunities for growth and development. She led from the front, never considering any task too menial for her to complete. She is the type of leader I aspire to become, both professionally and personally.
Robin Evans, Ph.D. - Writing Center Instructor
I was trying to figure out the career that’s right for me. Through Dr. Roshaunda Cade’s coaching, I was able to determine the career I would like to pursue. Dr. Cade is highly-knowledgable, upbeat, supportive, and always has some words of encouragement. I am forever grateful for the coaching/guidance she provided me.
Auriel C. - Health and Wellness Coach
I have been struggling with starting a blog post and public presentation. This course has given me basic skills to begin my writing and taking my preparation to the next level. Roshaunda explained the information in a way I could understand. I truly appreciated that at one point she is changing ideas and talks through the process and this was very helpful for me because my thoughts are continuously evolving. Thank you Roshaunda for this course.
Robert - Resiliency Coach

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